March 17, 2019

March Break Update

Welcome back from March Break! I hope everyone is refreshed and ready to be back at school. We are now in the home stretch of the year.

Updates: In math we will now focus on 2D Geometry. Take a look below to see areas we will be focusing on. Students are encouraged to continue to practise their math skills using Mathletics and the weekly homework games.


(taken from “Big Ideas by Dr. Small”):
  • Some attributes of shapes are quantitative, others are qualitative.
  • Geometric shapes can be classified and sorted according to attributes.
  • The measurement of an angle is defined by how much one arm turns around a vertex relative to the other arm.


GOAL: I can classify angles and construct them up to 90°
GOAL: I can classify triangles and other polygons based on both angles and side lengths.
GOAL: I can construct a triangle and other polygons based on specified criteria.
GOAL: I can classifying and draw views of a variety of 3D shapes. 

  • sort and classify quadrilaterals by geometric properties related to symmetry, angles, and sides, through investigation using a variety of tools (e.g., geoboard, dynamic geometry software) and strategies (e.g., using charts, using Venn diagrams);
  • sort polygons according to the number of lines of symmetry and the order of rotational symmetry, through investigation using a variety of tools (e.g., tracing paper, dynamic geometry software, Mira)
  • measure and construct angles up to 180° using a protractor, and classify them as acute, right, obtuse, or straight angles;
  • construct polygons using a variety of tools, given angle and side measurements
  • build three-dimensional models using connecting cubes, given isometric sketches or different views (i.e., top, side, front) of the structure
  • sketch, using a variety of tools (e.g., isometric dot paper, dynamic geometry software), isometric perspectives and different views (i.e., top, side, front) of three-dimensional figures built with interlocking cubes.

February 18, 2019


Now that we have dug ourselves out of that snowstorm, we are getting back to our classroom routines.

In math, we just finished up our measurement unit. We are now moving to proportional reasoning and probability.


UNIT: Probability
BIG IDEAS (taken from “Big Ideas by Dr. Small”):
  • Real-world situations can be represented using probabilities.
  • Probability can be used to predict outcomes.
  • An experimental probability is based on past events and experiments.
  • A theoretical probability is based on an analysis of what could happen.
  • I can identify probabilities from real-world scenarios.
  • I can make predictions based on theoretical and/or experimental probabilities.
  • express theoretical probability as a ratio of the number of favourable outcomes to the total number of possible outcomes, where all outcomes are equally likely (e.g., the theoretical probability of rolling an odd number on a six-sided number cube because, of six equally likely outcomes,
  • represent the probability of an event (i.e.,the likelihood that the event will occur), using a value from the range of 0 (never happens or impossible) to 1 (always happens or certain);
  • predict the frequency of an outcome of a simple probability experiment or game, by calculating and using the theoretical probability of that outcome
ONLINE PRACTICE QUIZZES (from Nelson Education):
In language, we have been focusing this month on Black History. Students have been reading and researching about important historical figures that have shaped Canada and the World. They have been reading about the Underground Railroad and influential leaders such as Martin Luther King, Viola Desmond, etc..Over the next two weeks, students will be writing a biography on one of these influential figures. Once completed, they will be creating a 3D model of that person to display in our wax museum. 

A. Porcari

February 3, 2019

Update about REMIND

There has been an update with the Remind app. I want to continue to get information to you as efficiently as possible.  If you are with Bell, then you are not affected by this. For those that are with Rogers you are affected. In order to continue to get notifications from me you can sign up with your email. Instructions are below:

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January 22, 2019

Message from St. Bernard Parish

Dear parents/guardians,

Attached is a brief summary of the session that was presented to the children on Sunday, Jan. 13th as part of their preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Please print it out and show it to your children.

This will serve as a reminder to the children who attended the session, and to those who were away or sick, it will give them an outline of what was covered so that they are prepared for the next session, which will take place on Sunday Feb. 3rd at 1pm.

Please note that our next session will be held in St Bernard Church, NOT in the school gym. Please arrive by 12:40 so that we can get all of the children registered before 1pm.

Fr. Eslin has also requested that you bring in a small photo of your child that we can mount in the church so that parishioners can pray for your children as they journey towards Confirmation.

We would like to remind you that these sessions are mandatory if you wish your child to be confirmed in April.
Looking forward to seeing you on February 3rd,

Maureen Monaghan
Mary Nader
Fr. Eslin Pereira

January 20, 2019


As many of you already know, those of you who signed up for the remind app with me this fall, you received an email in the New Year saying that Remind is being forced to pay usage fees by Bell and Rogers. Remind is currently in negotiations with Rogers and Telus to see if they can work a deal out. I am hoping that a decision is made in our favour very shortly. If not, I will no longer be using Remind to keep you up to date. I will have to find an alternative. Please stay tuned to hear more about this.

Thank you
A. Porcari