May 8, 2017

Catholic Education Week- Walking Forward Together

What a successful Education Week we had this year! Here are some highlights from the week. We kicked off Education Week with a Walk Across Canada. The distance across Canada is 6 521 km and we counted our steps daily in order to travel directly across Canada with a few stops in towns. We stopped in Saskatchewan where Mrs. Lewis (former teacher at BER) now lives and teaches. We had the opportunity to speak to her and her students in Humboldt, Saskatchewan. We continued walking across Canada all week and we were hoping to finish our walk in the park last Friday. However, we were rained out, so instead we decided to do zumba in order to get our steps in. Stay tuned to see how far we got this week on Twitter.

We had a very successful open house breakfast Tuesday morning. We had the opportunity to see many families out for breakfast. We also had the opportunity to watch our amazing dance crew perform before the headed off to Dance Showcase.

On Thursday we had our very first Genius Lounge Open House! Our  geniuses did an excellent job showcasing our school robots.

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