November 27, 2016

Advent Begins

Today we begin Advent, we light one candle today symbolizing our longing, our desire, our HOPE in the coming of Jesus. As we come together as a school community in the spirit of Advent let us pray and remind ourselves of the symbols and their meanings. 

The advent wreath is green, the colour of new life and hope.  Green reminds us of the newborn Jesus, who came to show us the way to everlasting life.  Green reminds us of the gift of new life we received at baptism.  Green also reminds us that we are people of hope, because God is always with us, to raise us up when we are sad, when we are sick and even when we die.

The advent wreath has three purple candles and one pink candle.  Purple is the colour of kings and queens.  It is also the colour of penance: the small sacrifices we make to welcome Jesus in our hearts and to prepare ourselves to meet with him on Christmas Day.

Pink is the colour of Joy.  It reminds us of the joy of meeting Jesus at Christmas.

The Advent wreath is made in a circle, with no beginning or end.  It reminds us of God’s everlasting love, which has no beginning or end. We light our Advent wreath from a single candle.  This candle reminds us of Jesus, who comes to us as Light of the World.

During this Advent season, let us try to remember the special times in our lives when we walked in God’s light.  Sharing our faith as a family here at our school is a wonderful way to prepare our hearts for the coming of Lord Jesus.

A prayer for the first week of Advent

God of hope, who brought love into this world,
be the love that dwells between us.
God of hope, who brought peace into this world,
be the peace that dwells between us.
God of hope, who brought joy into this world,
be the joy that dwells between us.
God of hope, the rock we stand upon,
be the centre, the focus of our lives
always, and particularly this Advent time.

November 20, 2016

Winter has Arrived

Winter has arrived! No green Christmas this year! It has hard to believe that we are already almost a month away from Christmas...where has the time gone! Big thank you to all the parents who came out to parent teacher interviews. It is great to meet and talk about your child's education. In the classroom we have been very busy working on various curriculum expectations. 

In Numeracy, our focus is currently on creating and extending various numeric and geometric patterns. We have definitely come up with a great list of strategies to use when showing our thinking around patterns. Although our focus has been on patterning, our patterns have looked at other areas of the curriculum such as, perimeter, graphing as well as transformation geometry. We should wrap up our focus on patterns and move to 2D Geometry by the beginning of next week.

In Literacy, we are currently making connections as we read, by reading and listening to music as a form of text. We are making more meaningful connections by digging deep into our schema and connecting with characters, author's messages, settings and problems. We continue to make connections to the world around us, ourselves and to other texts as well. 

In writing, our focus has been on opinion writing and looking for ways to hook our readers. We are focusing our writing on introductions. We are hooking our reader, stating our position and briefly describing three reasons and a conclusion. Ask your child to show you what they have been working on in their Google Drive Folder (Language).

Please stay tuned in the next couple of weeks, with Christmas fast approaching we will be holding some exciting events at school.

A Porcari

November 13, 2016


Hello Warm Weather! Let's hope this warm weather stays with us tomorrow on our field trip. Tomorrow we will be heading to Baxter Conservation for a day of team building and collaboration. I encouraged all students to dress according to the weather because we will be outside ALL DAY.  We have a short week this week with a PD day this coming Friday.

If you have not booked your interview time with me and would still like to book, please do so using the form found here Link to Interview Form.

I will update later this week some things that are happening in our classroom.

Have a great week
A. Porcari

November 7, 2016



Last week you received your child's progress report. I have touched base with some of you over the phone regarding your son or daughter's progress. I like to try and touch base with all my parents. Please feel free to book an interview to talk about your child's progress. I have attached a form on my blog and twitter where you can book an interview time.

In regards to homework, thank you to everyone for your feedback. I am still processing all this great information. I have made some adjustments based on parent feedback to this week's homework. A few mentioned they would like to see more academic choices. I have added a math workbook option starting this week. Each child in my class has a math workbook that they are free to take home to do some extra practice. I would like that book to come back and forth with your child everyday. I will post what we are currently focusing on in class and the pages will reflect that focus. Other than that, the homework remains the same. Here is what the new homework form looks like that we have tweaked from Mr. Cameron.

November 6, 2016


I am sorry but I received a note from the developer of the program I use to set up interviews. Some kind of glitch has happened. I have some times recorded and I will confirm tomorrow via the agenda. If you do not see a note from me it means a time was not confirmed. I will try this one more time and then I will have no choice but to ask you to call the school to book.

Keeping fingers crossed, here is the new form to book interviews

November 5, 2016

Please double check your interview time


Thank you to parents who are signing up online to book interviews! Can you please check to see that your time that you booked disappeared. I had a lot of times missing but only 6 responses so just check to see that your time no longer appears. I will write notes in the agenda to ensure we have the right times. Not sure what happened ....have used this in the past and this has never occurred.