November 7, 2016



Last week you received your child's progress report. I have touched base with some of you over the phone regarding your son or daughter's progress. I like to try and touch base with all my parents. Please feel free to book an interview to talk about your child's progress. I have attached a form on my blog and twitter where you can book an interview time.

In regards to homework, thank you to everyone for your feedback. I am still processing all this great information. I have made some adjustments based on parent feedback to this week's homework. A few mentioned they would like to see more academic choices. I have added a math workbook option starting this week. Each child in my class has a math workbook that they are free to take home to do some extra practice. I would like that book to come back and forth with your child everyday. I will post what we are currently focusing on in class and the pages will reflect that focus. Other than that, the homework remains the same. Here is what the new homework form looks like that we have tweaked from Mr. Cameron.

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