October 29, 2017

This week, we begin our focus on patterning. Please have a look below to see what students will be working on in grade 6. Students are welcome to use the links to practice concepts.



(taken from “Big Ideas by Dr. Small”)
  1. Patterns represent identified regularities. There is always an element of repetition.
  2. Patterns can be represented in a variety of ways (i.e. pictures, words, graphs, sequences, tables).
  3. Some ways of displaying data highlight patterns.
  4. By identifying the element of repetition, one can make predictions related to the pattern.


GOAL: I can classify, extended and describe patterns.
GOAL: I can represent a pattern in different ways (e.g. as a table, in pictures).
GOAL: I can make predictions related to a specific pattern.


  • identify geometric patterns, through inves
    tigation using concrete materials or drawings, and represent them numerically;
  • make tables of values for growing patterns,
    given pattern rules in words (e.g., start with 3, then double each term and add 1 to get the next term), then list the ordered pairs (with the first coordinate representing the term number and the second coordinate representing the term) and plot the points in the first quadrant, using a variety of tools
  • determine the term number of a given term in a growing pattern that is represented by a pattern rule in words, a table of values or a graph
  • describe pattern rules (in words) that generate patterns by adding or subtracting a constant or multiplying or dividing by a constant, to get the next term

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