October 9, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was a short week, but a very busy week! On Monday we participated in the Global Cardboard Challenge, our class, along with Mrs. Eaton and Roche, and 750 000 other students from around the world used their creativity to create something from cardboard.  This year, we added a design thinking element to the challenge (please read earlier post to hear all about this). Check out a few pictures from the day. Take a look at our amazing creations!

The following day, we launched to our audience, another grade 2 class, as well as a grade 1 class. The students had the opportunity to test out our creations. We had some structural failures, but great discussions about what to change for next time. Students definitely shined while working on the 6C's.

In math, we continue to work on representing large numbers (up to 1 000 000). We are looking at strategies to compare and order whole numbers this week before we move to prime and composite numbers.

In literacy, stay tuned to see our creations on being a responsible digital citizen. Students have completed the samaritans on the digital road program and are now working on a public service announcement to address concerns around internet safety. We will then launch their work to an audience via twitter.  So stay tuned!

We have another short week, but a busy one coming up. Please take note that this Friday will be picture day for all students.

Have a great week!

A. Porcari

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