September 17, 2017

Here we go....

The excitement continues... We had an EXCELLENT full week of school with lots going on! We began our week with a school assembly to be reminded of school routines- especially when outside at recess.  In terms of gathering as a community, we finished the week off with a "Back to School" Mass on Friday. We welcomed our school community back from a restful summer and prayed for a great school year ahead of us!

This week, we also gathered as a whole grade 6 group in order to create our vision statement for the 2017-18 year. Students have been working on #hashtags as part of their vision statements. We are currently in the process of taking a vote online and should have the vision statement up shortly. Have a listen to some of the options!

In Math, we have been working on representing numbers. Students have been using base ten blocks to represent place value and unitizing. They have been working on finding different base ten combinations for numbers. We are expanding our numbers from 100 000 to up to 1 000 000.

In Language, we finished up writing letters to our future selves. Students have been working on writing letters about their hopes and dreams for this school year. Their goals include academic and personal goals. Once students have finished writing their letters, they will be sealed up and ready to open on their last day of grade 6. Always a fun activity!

We have a few things going on this week: Take a look below

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