April 23, 2017

What a busy few weeks we have had! This past week, our class was showcased and videotaped by the Ministry of Education around deep learning that is happening in our classroom. The morning began with a quick teacher interview followed by a hands on approach in our classroom. Students were engaged in math problem solving centres focused on measurement (area, perimeter, and surface area). All tasks were designed around deep learning with a focus on a real life situations. Students were completely engaged even with the camera crew asking them questions. Students collaborated, used critical thinking skills and creativity in order to complete their assigned math task. Take a look at some of the pictures that were posted on twitter.

This week, things will begin to calm down as we approach one month before EQAO. During the later part of the week, Mrs. Roche, Mrs Eaton and myself will be presenting at a technology conference for teachers. I am looking forward to hearing from so many exceptional teachers around technology and its use in the classroom. It is these opportunities that enable me to come back to the classroom and try new ideas.

In Language, students will continue to work on their problem solution reports. Students have been working on their graphic organizers and have some great problems that they will be addressing with some creative solutions to their problems.

Have a great week!
A. Porcari

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