April 2, 2017

Lenten Project Kick-off

Our 2017 Lenten Fund-Raiser kicks off this coming Tuesday and runs until Holy Thursday in the following week which is eight school days long.

This year we will be fund-raising for two groups, OK Clean Water and our very own St. Bernard Church (choir loft railing).  Both groups have been contacted and are excited about our fund-raising initiative.  Through this experience, our students will learn the joy in giving on a global level and at the local level.  They certainly will be able to see the fruits of their actions when they hear stories from Carmel Horan from OK Clean Water when we gather in an assembly to present our cheque to her later in the year and when the students see the safety railing constructed in the church.

You've noticed the pipelines in the hallway.  They represent the pipes that are able to be purchased by the people in the Kumbo region of Cameroon.  This year, they will also represent the pipes in the new railing to be installed in the church choir loft.  For each 25 cents a student brings in, they are given a round, coloured sticker which represents either a water droplet (Kumbo pipes) or a musical note (choir loft railing).  Students can then place them on the pipes in the hallway.  That's 25 cents a sticker or four for a dollar.

The Lenten Committee

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