March 28, 2017


After a well deserved March Break, we are back to the grind! We had a busy week last week finishing up work we began before March Break.

This week we begin a new in-depth focus in math on measurement- specifically length and perimeter.


(taken from “Big Ideas by Dr. Small”):
  1. There is always value in estimating a measurement.
  2. The length of an object is a one-dimensional attribute. Length can be the measurement of a single measure of an object or a combined linear measure, like perimeter.


GOAL: I can convert metric units between kilometres, metres, centimetres and millimetres.
GOAL: I can use a ruler to measure to nearest tenth of centimeter (i.e. mm).
In Language, we have begun brainstorming around a possible topic for their problem/solution report. Students will be writing a non-fiction report with supporting details around a topic of their choice. We have just finished writing a journal entry from the perspective of a prominent figure from Black History. In reading, our comprehension focus is on "Synthesizing"- getting to the point. Students will be using this skill in order to locate important details in what they are reading and be able to retell using big ideas. 

At this point there are no further updates to notify you about. 

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A. Porcari

Prayer for Lent

A Prayer for Lent

Lord, grant us simplicity of faith

and a generosity of service

that gives without counting cost.

A life overflowing with Grace

poured out from the One

who gave everything,

that we might show

the power of love

to a broken world,

and share the truth

from a living Word.

Lord, grant us simplicity of faith,

and a yearning to share it.

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