October 2, 2016


October is here...we have completed one month of school already! We begun our Monday with a group gathering of all grade 6 students. We will meet weekly on Monday's for a block to discuss and plan events around social justice. This past week, students were introduced to the WE Schools project. Excitement was buzzing! Students were introduced, through video, to Craig and
Mark Kielburger and their journey to bring awareness to global and social issues and the founders of WEDay. Students were grouped into teams and they had the opportunity to discuss and research either a local or global issue. This week, we will present this information to the whole group and we will decide on one local and one global issue to support. We will brainstorm ways to address or bring awareness to these problems and begin to affect change..STAY TUNED! #BE THE CHANGE

We continued to discuss being a digital citizen and the positive and negative power the internet can have on us. Students looked at issues that included "friending," to sending inappropriate texts as well as the digital footprint they are leaving every time they post on social media. This week students will begin to create short comics to present to the school to demonstrate how to be digital citizens.
Sorry for the late post today, we had our annual CIBC Run for the Cure. STB raised over $11 000 dollars for this cause. It was a very special day, STB earned top elementary school fundraiser for 10 years in a row. Way to go STB community!

We ended the week with our annual Terry Fox Run! We thank all students for raising funds for cancer research this past month. Here is a picture of the students getting ready just before their run. I wish you all a great short week! PD this Friday! 


A. Porcari

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