April 14, 2016

Field Trip to the Museum of History

A big THANK YOU to our parent volunteers who came out today to help with our field trip to the
museum. A thank you to Mr. DaSilva who graciously was able to accompany the students on a field trip while I attended a school board commitment. Here are a few pictures from the day and a recap from Mr. DaSilva on what the students did.

The students started the morning with some free exploration. Our class was fortunate to learn about New France. We talked about colonization briefly. We talked about how many came to Quebec and Montreal. The French came for our Beaver to create hats and other materials for wealthy people. Many people were identifiable by the way they dressed.

We then did an activity in small groups where we had to identify people based upon the way they dressed. The following was what we discovered:
“Fait du Bois”- Women that got marriage licenses to help colonize
“Bourgeoisie”- Wealthy women
“Seigneursie”- Wealthy men, land owners, had own stamps and would report to the king
Barrel Maker
Farmer-Clogs on feet and old and dingy clothing
“Voyageur”-Wore a beaver cap, leather shoes, gun powder horn, and would carry a gun

We then did a second activity where one group of students were First Nations and the second were the French. The goal was for the First Nations to obtain items from the French and trade them fur. The goal was to get more items for less fur. For the French, they wanted more fur for fewer items. Students did a great job and were using hand gestures and pointing a lot to communicate. It was truly an exciting and excellent morning.

IMAX- Mysteries of the Unseen World: This was such a fantastic movie! It took us through a massive exploration of animals, plants, bacteria and humans using a microscopic world hidden to our everyday eyes. It was fascinating to learn so much information, such as how many organisms live on our body, the air we breathe and pass us constantly without us knowing it.

We explored high-frequency photography, electron microscopy, and nanotechnology to uncover such beautiful creatures and images that we never thought existed.

The students loved it! You could see many trying to catch the animals with their hands and hear their remarks when certain images arose.

Mr. DaSilva

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