March 6, 2016


We are one week away from March Break, it seems like we just returned from Christmas Break. With that being said, we have a lot planned for this week! The students over the past month have been learning about prominent figures who have played a major role in African American History. We learned about Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Henry Wood and many more. The students are now completing a biography on ONE prominent figure from that time period. As a class, we have discussed what a biography is and now they are following the success criteria that is posted on the chart. The students are completing this assignment electronically using Google slides. All this work is to be done at school. Research can be done at home.

After the biography is completed, students will be constructing a 3D model of their prominent figure. They are to be as creative as possible. I have shown them an example, but they are free to use whatever tools they like. It is to look like the person as much as possible. They are encouraged to use recyclable items. My example is made out of a 2L pop bottle. Items to consider:
We are constructing them this week, so if you have any items that you think your child could use, please send them into class.

Thank you

A. Porcari

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