February 13, 2016

100th day of School!

We have had a VERY busy week, you would think it was Christmas! This past Tuesday, we celebrated Shrove Tuesday. A big thank you to all the parent volunteers who came out and cooked pancakes for the WHOLE school. It was greatly appreciated by all staff and students. The following day, we marked Ash Wednesday with a school liturgy. This marks the beginning of Lent in which we entered the 40 day challenge. What will you give up over the course of 40 days? Watch the quick video below for a quick understanding of what the beginning of Lent signifies:

This past week, academically we completed our focus on identifying triangles (ie., acute, right, obtuse, scalene, isosceles, equilateral) and classifying them according to angle and side properties. Students participated in a number of centre rotation that focused on this learning goal. Students are encouraged to continue practising using a protractor to draw angles and measure angles. Students received feedback on their math assessment this week, please ask them how they did, and areas they need to improve on.

February is Black History month. Students have begun to read stories and learn about inspirational African Americans that have changed life for many with their fight for civil rights. Ask your child about Henry Box Wood and the underground railroad. We are currently watching a movie on Rosa Parks. Students are making connections to what they are reading and watching. 

We ended the week with a Valentine's Dance! Many students boogied their way into the weekend. Big thank you to Mrs Adams and Mrs Farrell who organized the dance. As well lolligrams were a huge success, we sold over 6000 lolligrams. A big thank you to Mrs. Gillam and Mrs. Johnson for organizing all of those lolligrams. There was ALOT of candy yesterday!  We finished the week with report cards being distributed. This year I have chosen to book my interviews online. I have tweeted out the form, as well, I have posted the form here on my blog, please scroll down to other posts in case you do not see it. 

I wish everyone a HAPPY FAMILY DAY and great weekend!
Ms Porcari

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