January 18, 2016

Over the last few weeks we have been busy working on various tasks. In math we have begun a focus on 2D Geometry. We are specifically looking at identifying different polygons and classifying them according to attributes. We are looking at parallel lines, congruence and symmetry to help identify properties. As an extra task at home students can take pictures of various shapes or cut pictures out of magazines and identify their properties. Try to find shapes that are not so common, pentagons, octagons. We will continue to focus on properties for the next week and then move onto triangles and angles.

In language we have wrapped up our descriptive writing focus and are now focusing on reading and making connections. We are looking beyond making connections from past experiences through text, self and world but rather to extend our connections and connect to an author's message, an event, a problem in the story, a character or a setting in the story. As your child reads at home this week, some questions to ask him or her are:

1) Have you felt like the character in this book?
2) What does this remind you of?
3) Does it remind you of something you have experienced?
4) Is there anything you'd compare this to?
5) Does this make you think of another character/problem/message/setting/event from another story?

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