October 11, 2015

The Week in Review!

Wow what a busy week we had!

On Wednesday we participated in the Global Cardboard Challenge. Our classroom, as well as Mrs. Roche and Ms. Eaton's grade 2 class gathered in the Learning Commons amongst hundreds of cardboard boxes.
One challenge...to build something amazing out of cardboard, recycled materials, and imagination. And they did just that! The creations were amazing, from ping pong games to spinners, to sailboats, imagination and creativity was humming in the room. Take a look below at some of the creations.

We wrapped up the week on Thursday with a Mystery Skype! Our class has begun reading "Fish in a Tree" for the Global Read Aloud. As part of the global aspect, we partnered with another class who is also reading the same book. The students were unaware of where this class was situated in the world, so myself and Ms. Bargas from Argentina decided we would host a Mystery Skype for our students. The premise behind a Mystery Skype is that students are allowed to ask yes and no questions in order to guess where in the world this class is situated. Students are grouped into special roles, such as the Think Tank, where questions are generated, to mappers who are using their mapping skills to locate this group of students. Check out what a blogger, Jaina had to say about our Mystery Skype here.  Once both classes were able to guess each others county and city we then began to share some historical landmarks and information about our cities.
The students are currently working on creating a video with photos of Canada during the different seasons to share with the class from Argentina. As well, Ms. Bargas class is creating a video to share with our students about Buenos Aires, Argentina. We will continue to communicate with Ms. Bargas class through various forms from Twitter, Skype sessions to Padlet in order to connect and talk about the book we are reading. We will share our insights and predictions with the other class.

That is a small glimpse into our classroom for this past week. Stay tuned next week to see what we will be doing! Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Wow ~ How exciting !! I can't wait to see where this exciting partnership takes you !!
    Thanks for sharing Adriana! Please post this on the OCSB NPDL Google+ Community !