September 26, 2015

Welcome Fall!

WOW! Three weeks have already flown bye...

We had a great week this week as we finished our week of inspirational math. This week students learned strategies that will help them reason and be convincing, two important mathematical practices. Students participated in the paper folding challenge, where they were given different criteria to fold their square piece of paper. The criteria progressively became more challenging as they went on. Students were then asked to convince a "skeptic" that they had created the intended shape. They had lots of discussion and found that it isn't easy to convince a skeptic!

The week continued with students working on Pascal's triangle and trying to figure out patterns and make connections to patterns in real-life. This was probably one of the favourite activities this week for students. It was like trying to break a code!

In literacy, we continued working on understanding the importance of becoming a digital citizen. We watched some videos and had a lot of discussion about keeping our private information private. We learned about the effects of sending private messages through social media and the impact that can have on a student. Students also created fictional rumours and wrote about the impact those rumours could have on classmates. We also participated in the 100 word challenge this week, a few students wrote their challenge on their blogs, check them out! This week's challenge was ...but under the earth...Love seeing all the CREATIVITY that goes into 100 words!

On Friday we wrapped up with some time at the "Tinkerspace." This week the duct tape station was very popular, students created picture frames, wallets and anything they could think of with just simple duct tape. Our lego station was a happening place as well, students were creating vehicles and structures. Next week we will add Rainbow Loom and knitting, as requested by students. Watch for the creations!

Friday was the celebration of the Franco-Ontario flag! It marked the 40-year anniversary and the 400th anniversary of French Presence in Ontario. Big Thank you to Mme Gariepy who helped create this large flag to celebrate!

Have a great week everybody!
Ms Porcari

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