February 25, 2018


Our focus for the next week is to focus on mass, capacity and volume.
BIG IDEAS (taken from “Big Ideas by Dr. Small”):
  • The length of an object is a one-dimensional attribute. Length can be the measurement of a single measure of an object or a combined linear measure, like perimeter.
  • The area of an object is a two-dimensional attribute. Area can be a single measure of a 2-D shape on an object or a combined measure of a 3-D shape, like surface area.
  • The volume of a 3-D object tells how much material it takes to build the object and the capacity of an object tells how much it will hold.
  • I can determine the area and perimeter of a rectangle
  • I can create a rectangle given the area and/or perimeter
  • I can determine the volume of a rectangular prism.
  • estimate and measure the perimeter and area of regular and irregular polygons, using a variety of tools (e.g., grid paper, geoboard, dynamic geometry software) and strategies
  • create, through investigation using a variety of tools (e.g., pattern blocks, geoboard, grid paper) and strategies, two-dimensional shapes with the same perimeter or the same area (e.g., rectangles and parallelograms with the same base and the same height) (Sample problem: Using dot paper, how many different rectangles can you draw with a perimeter of 12 units? with an area of 12 square units?);
  • determine, through investigation using a variety of tools (e.g., concrete materials, dynamic geometry software, grid paper) and strategies (e.g., building arrays), the relationships between the length and width of a rectangle and its area and perimeter, and generalize to develop the formulas [i.e., Area = length x width; Perimeter = (2 x length) + (2 x width)];
  • solve problems requiring the estimation and calculation of perimeters and areas of rectangles (Sample problem: You are helping to fold towels, and you want them to stack nicely. By folding across the length and/or the width, you fold each towel a total of three times. You want the shape of each folded towel to be as close to a square as possible. Does it matter how you fold the towels?);
  • determine, through investigation, the relationship between capacity (i.e., the amount a container can hold) and volume (i.e., the amount of space taken up by an object), by comparing the volume of an object with the amount of liquid it can contain or displace (e.g., a bottle has a volume, the space it takes up, and a capacity, the amount of liquid it can hold) (Sample problem: Compare the volume and capacity of a thin-walled container in the shape of a rectangular prism to determine the relationship between units for measuring capacity [e.g., millilitres] and units for measuring volume [e.g., cubic centimetres].);
  • determine, through investigation using stacked congruent rectangular layers of concrete materials, the relationship between the height, the area of the base, and the volume of a rectangular prism, and generalize to develop the formula (i.e., Volume = area of base x height) (Sample problem: Create a variety of rectangular prisms using connecting cubes. For each rectangular prism, record the area of the base, the height, and the volume on a chart. Identify relationships.);

February 18, 2018

Family Day Weekend

Happy Family Day Weekend!

I am hoping everyone had a great family day weekend and are ready to begin the school week! We had busy week last week! We began the Lenten season on Ash Wednesday with a school service in the gym. Check our twitter feed to see some things that were happening in the classroom. 

In Math, we are finishing up linear measurement this week, with a focus on surface area. As the week comes to an end, we will shift our focus to mass and capacity. 

In Language, we have begun sorting our thinking and are beginning to write biographies about influential individuals from black history. Please stay tuned to see their creations! Students will be creating 3D figures of their person. Don't forget to begin bringing in materials for your character. 

In Religion, we continue to focus on Confirmation preparation.

Interviews will be held this Tuesday, February 20, 2018. If you have not booked yet and would like an interview, please do so at the following link https://msporcari.youcanbook.me/

Have a great short week!
A. Porcari

February 6, 2018

Message from the Church- Confirmation


We would like to advise you that, as part of the preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation, all children are expected to go to Confession before the Confirmation ceremony on May 12th. We suggest that they attend one of the evening sessions that are being held for the First Reconciliation of the Grade 2 students, at which time there will be 3 priests hearing Confession in the church.

The Grade 2's are making their First Reconciliation on Wednesday evenings at 7pm in St. Bernard Church: 
St Bernard School February 28th
St Thomas More School March 7th

St. Marguerite d'Youville School March 21st

Your Grade 6 children can go to Reconciliation on any of these nights; you do not have to go on the night that your school's Grade 2's are making their First Reconciliation.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact the church.

February 4, 2018

Let it Snow...Let it Snow

Happy snowy day! It seems like just yesterday we returned from Christmas break..hard to believe almost a month has passed! We have been very busy in our classroom with many different initiatives.

In math, we have explored area and perimeter using the robots as a way to explore metric conversions. We are now moving to finding area of triangles and parallelograms. Please continue to have your child work through some of the videos and games found on the blog here.

In language, we have just finished wrapping up narrative writing, with a focus on fables. Stay tuned to read our classroom digital book on fables. This month, we shift our focus to Black History month. We will be reading and analyzing books, and videos about the hardships endured by many African Americans and Canadians.

We have begun our focus on religion on Confirmation. Reminder that confirmation will take place May 12. The Confirmation retreat will be held Mar 3. In preparation, students will bring home some weekly work on topics surrounding confirmation.

I wish you a great week!
A. Porcari